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There is only one Conor McGregor

… and that guy was a tremendous and exceptional Fighter because of his technique and his ability to finish Fights.

But what is he doing now? He did have a boxing Fight against an All time-Great, because he could. No shame about that, especially not any harm to his career, because he did look good in his Boxing Debut fighting 49-0 Floyd Mayweather.

He earned allegedly a 100 Million Dollars and of course, there is less rush to fight again, when you are financially independent as a multimillionaire. But there is MMA World, which has to keep spinning, so tonight was set for an epic match at 155 Pounds to determine the champ, because of the absence of Conor McGregor, who didn’t fight mma in over 500 Days.

Then the worst thing happens, the Fight every MMA Fan wants to see for such a long time, was canceled because of an injury. I was in disbelief, regarding the Date was the first of April, the media reported the injury of Tony Ferguson and it took me almost two days to accept, this Fight wasn’t happening again and I still was excited about the Replacement Max Holloway.

Yesterday this Fight on six days’ notice was also cancelled, because Holloway not being medically fit. This alone could have been the most dramatic and disappointing chain of events for a UFC Pay Per View, but it wasn’t (negative) Highlight of the week.

Conor McGregor wasn’t supposed to fight this weekend. The role of Conor McGregor was to watch his current division go on and see who could be his next opponent. What happened on Thursday was a much more active Role for UFC 223.

After an encounter the Day before between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor’s Teammate and Friend Artem Lobov, the Irish Superstar took a Flight on his private Jet to New York and organized an attack on Nurmagomedov. Not only, that he brought some thuggish friends with him, Conor lead the pack and attacked a bus Nurmagomedov was in.

UFC 223 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5
: Khabib comments McGregor trying to attack him

Putting aside that nobody is above the law, if he isn’t wrongfully mistreated by Government or the Police itself, Conor McGregor didn’t attack Khabib. The daghestanian Russian is probably not impressed by a Hooligan like Attack with no personal Encounter. Nurmagomedovs reaction seems to be underlining that assumption. The Problem is there were victims that had nothing to do with Conor McGregor or Artem Lobov. The Fighters were in the situation to be one day before the weigh-ins. Especially Conor McGregor, who’s weight cut is a challenge every time, should have the respect for the fighters in that bus. But it was more than a disturbance to weight cuts and the mental preparation to their fights two days later.

Michael Chiesa was cut from the glass that burst after McGregor threw a Dolly into the window of the bus. Also Ray Borg got glass in his Eye, which cost UFC 223 two fights directly as a consequence of McGregor’s actions. The third Fight was Lobov himself, because he was part of the attack.

I was very excited about UFC 223 and the news of Fergusons injury devastated me. Still I stayed excited for Holloway vs Nurmagomedov but the MMA Gods took that away too. I also was still excited to see Conor in any given Fight. I was annoyed about him talking shit without fighting but still wanted him to see in so many Fights. See him against Tony, see him against Max, see him against Khabib to really see how great a Conor McGregor could become, because knocking out the greatest Grappler in the UFC, would be prove Conor is something special.

Pardon my words, but the only thing what’s proven now, what special kind of piece of shit he is. And that is not about behaving like 16 year old Child, who wants to revenge his mentally retarded looking friend, who he got into a job, where that guy is way above his head. If Conor had gone to Khabibs Hotel Room and did whatever he thought what had to be done. So it is. Not much of a recognition for a stupid Person, who could make millions fighting him in the Octagon, but let’s stay realistic, anything Conor does promotes potential Fights and make him more Millions.

The thing that bothers me most is obviously that his behavior cost other Fighters their opportunities, not only to make a Dime, but to progress in their careers. Chiesa was robbed a chance to defend a choke completely against Kevin Lee by the referee and now Conor McGregor robbed him of a Fight against Pettis, what could have given him a opportunitiy to climb the letter significantly in his division. Yamasaki did not get any love for his mistake, we will see what Conor gets along the way.

All the Fighters who Conor attacked in his blind Rage because his little Boy was harassed by a potential opponent, deserve more Respect than Conor has given them. The only thing that matters for Conor McGregor is his Ego. And that’s fine, if it stays in Press Conferences verbally humiliating his next victim and then backing it up in the Octagon afterwards.

But Conor did not have any Fight since November 2016 and there was no sign of a concrete returning to the Octagon soon. I am sick of him talking. I wanna see him fight; I wanna see him facing the challenge of the Grappling of a guy like Khabib. But surely not in a parking lot, randomly attacking other Protagonist of the Sport.

I am quite sure the Fight with Khabib will now happen at some point. If it will be in Russia after all of this, I don’t know, but it could be a problem of security not only for Conor himself, but from his Irish Fans in general, because what we know from Football Hooliganism in Russia, it is not a place the Fans try to talk to each other and regarding their Problem with Nationalism, maybe even a Daghestanian could be enough of a reason to attack any Irish coming to Russia.

Did that incident hype that Fight? Of Course. Would I watch that Fight? Of Course. It is probably not about a Fan of the Sport like me, but I would have watched that Fight without any Promotion at all. And in a way its Conor’s Uniqueness that only his participation in a Fight, would been enough, to sell any Fight. I am interested in this Fight, since it was clear that he moved up a Division.

After what happened on Thursday, where Conor McGregor didn’t prove no more that his Ego is more important than anything else and his respect for fellow Fighters is nonexistent, regarding he doesn’t care at all about what can happen to a Fighter, when he throws heavy Objects directly at them. Conor McGregor you were a Hero of MMA. Now you are nothing more than a Disgrace for the Sport, not only acting like stupid Kid, but destroying a UFC Card, MMA-Fans had waiting for.

And of course Conor isn’t responsible of Tony’s injury or Max been pulled out, but he is directly responsible of three Fights not happening. The Injuries you caused will be handled by the court. Regarding the possible civil Lawsuits, I hope it costs as much money as he needs to get his shit together, as DC said to Jon Jones at some point in the past. This wasn’t the first time Conor did what he thought was right, but anybody else thought it is a Nogo in this sports as for example he jumped the Bellator Ring and touched the referee. No Consequences at that point, so we got what we got right now; a UFC Card that lost interesting Fights.